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I would like to tell you about an “opportunistic pathogen” that lives in almost everyone and is just waiting for a chance to sink its nasty tendrils into us and literally suck the life right out of us. (Here is a microscopic view of it.) 

Candida Albican under the microscope

Candida Albican under the microscope

If that sounds a bit like a bad science fiction movie it is.  But unfortunately it is true.  Ask any doctor and he will tell you that everyone has some “yeast” in their system.  But this isn’t nice friendly yeast like bakers use. This is an entirely different variety called Candida Albicans.    

The second major step in my conquering Geographic Tongue came from being able to get rid of the yeast that was taking over my body and making me sensitive to mold and giving me food allergies that I’d never had before ( and don’t have anymore).  Yeast was also giving me an overall feeling of “unwellness”  and being run-down.  I had a severe case and most people don’t have it anywhere near this bad but when your body has to constantly compete for nutrients with a whole colony of parasites, just getting out of bed is exhausting.  (This can be an issue with some people who have fibromyalgia.) 

Candida is normally kept in check by the “good bacteria” that lives in your gut.  This “good bacteria” is things like Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Bifidus all of which are used to make yogurt.  So in a normal healthy digestive system these bacteria are waging constant warfare against the Candida Albicans army and generally keep their populations in check.  

But in the modern diet, we eat too much sugar, too little yogurt and take antibiotics and in various other ways lend aid and comfort to the enemy.  

You see, while antibiotics kill the germs that are making us sick they also kill off the good bacteria living in our gut while the yeast simply hibernate in their nice safe spores and once the danger of the antibiotics is over the yeast comes back stronger than ever.  And this time the good bacteria are weak (or gone).  So the yeast takes over and multiplies and prevents proper digestion,  decreases our natural defenses, and causes all kinds of sensitivities, allergies, and discomfort.  If the yeast takes over your tongue it is called “Thrush”,  but it can take over almost any part of your body including any moist area from between your toes to your “private parts” and baby’s bottoms ( in this case it is a form of “diaper rash”).  

The problem with yeast is that because of its spore nature, it is very difficult to kill and without its natural enemies it will always come back and cause difficulties in digestion, nutrient absorption and a weakened immune system. 

So what does this have to do with Geographic Tongue? 

Well, as I said in the last letter,  yeast and Geographic Tongue often go hand-in-hand.  That is why in my book Healthy Tongue Secrets, I included a chapter on Yeast. In the book, I showed how it can mutate into a “mycelial” form with root-like tentacles which imbed themselves into the lining of the digestive system including the mouth and tongue. And If you try to scrape them off the tongue or mouth, it will leave a raw, red patch. 

So in addition to getting enough nutrients through your diet and supplementation you need to be sure your digestive system is healthy and you are actually absorbing the nutrients you are taking in. 

You need a proper balance of good “healthy bacteria” happily living in your gut promoting good digestion and keeping the bad guys at bay.  If you have a craving for sugar, sensitivities to things like mold, food allergies,  a white or grey coating on your tongue (or other places),  a tendency toward fungal infections like “jock itch”, ring worm, or athlete’s foot and a variety of other “little” annoyances there is a very good chance that yeast is contributing to your problem and by getting it under control it will go a long way toward eliminating these annoyances and helping to resolve your tongue issues as well. 

Last time I told you I am not a doctor and can only tell you what I’ve found to be true through my own experience and through the experience of the hundreds of people I have had the chance to talk to through the writing of my book.  Next time I will tell you, Why Doctors make me so mad! 

Tim McMahon is author of Healthy Tongue Secrets, an eBook to help sufferers of Geographic Tongue and other tongue ailments.